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  • Taupo Furniture Removals is under New Management.
  • The Company was sold in October 2020.

  • TFR Objectives

  • Customer's requirements are met and surpassed.
  • Achieve greater market recognition for its superior services and facilities.
  • Strive for excellence & growth so that employees' job opportunities & workplace are secure


  • Taupo Furniture Removals offers competitive and quality removals to any point in the North and South Island.
  • TFR offer a high standard of service to its clients, thorough forward planning and efficient quality teamwork.
  • Please provide your own transit insurance. We will NOT BE HELD LIABLE for any damages incurred.


  • We have storage facilities available at Absolutely Storage located just off the Napier / Taupo Highway at 10 Deborah Rise, Maunganam, 3379, Taupo.
  • Our storage facilities hold 32 cubic metres of furniture per unit from $199 inc GST per month.
  • We have a secure yard with security cameras in place.
  • www.bonshawstorage.co.nz














    Packaging Service

    We provide a complete packing service with two ladies plus packing materials at a very reasonable cost for all your items to be moved.

    Packaging Protection

    Every care is taken to ensure your possessions are well protected and arrive at your destination in the same condition as they left.

    Moving Efficiency

    Boxes are labeled to help identify which room they belong to. This is an efficient no worry option for your moving experience.

    Packaging Materials

    For those customers who would prefer to pack themselves we have a range of packaging boxes and materials available for purchase.

    Packaging Materials Available:

      • Storage boxes from $2.50 each

      Small No 5 - 430 x 330 x 255 : Great for books etc
      Medium No 8 - 510 x 380 x 280 : Suitable for crockery etc
      Large No 9 - 510 x 380 x 585 : Ideal for linen etc

      • Bubblewrap
      • Tissue Paper
      • Packaging Tape
      • Plastic Matress Covers
      • Corrugated Cardboard
      • Plastic 3 seater sofa covers



    Even with all the care in the world, things sometimes go wrong. This is why we advise our customers to arrange transit insurance themselves. If you do not arrange your own transit insurance we will NOT BE HELD LIABLE for any damages incurred.


    Please be aware that fridges and freezers have to stand for at least ½ an hour before they can be switched back on to allow the gases to settle. It is your responsibility to turn these back on after the truck has left.


    We have compiled some hints & tips to help you with the countdown to your move.

    8 weeks till move

  • Call Taupo Furniture Removal on 0800 874 438 or for ease of use, Online Enquiry Form. Be sure to reserve in advance.
  • Draw a floor plan of your new house - this will help you to decide what furniture stays and what furniture will go.
  • Use up things that cannot be moved, such as food in your freezer and flammable household cleaning supplies and aerosols.

  • 6 weeks to go

  • Discuss costs, insurance, packing, loading, delivery and the claims procedure with your mover or if moving yourself. Talk to your insurance agent.
  • Inventory all of your possessions now. Determine what is to be sold prior to the move.
  • Get copies of your records from doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc. Make arrangements to transfer your children's school records.
  • Go to the post office to obtain a change of address cards and start filling these out.
  • Don't forget about changing the address on magazine subscriptions, catalogues, etc.

  • 4 weeks to go

  • If you have contracted to have the move do all the packing for you, arrange to have this task completed a day or two before loading the truck.
  • If you need it, arrange for storage. Taupo Furniture Removals can help you with this.
  • Clean or repair any furniture, curtains, or carpets that need it.
  • Hold a garage sale. The extra cash may be useful for any unexpected additional costs that may arise after the move.
  • If you are moving yourself, figure out how many boxes you will need.
  • If you are moving yourself, you will need to calculate the cubic metres of the Boxes, plus allow for the bulk of the non-boxable items such as beds and tables to estimate the size of the truck needed.

  • 3 weeks to go

  • Assemble packing materials : Furniture pads, Hand truck/dolly, Packing Tape, Bubble wrap, Packing string and rope, Newspapers, Scissors, Labels, Felt-tip markers, Boxes
  • Begin packing items that you will not need. Make sure you do not pack too much weight into each box.
  • Label all boxes with room in the house it is to go to - maybe even a list of items contained.
  • Arrange to cancel utilities and services at your old home and have them installed at your new home.
  • Make travel and hotel reservations (if required).

  • 2 weeks to go

  • Arrange to transfer all of your bank accounts to new branch locations
  • Make any special arrangements to move pets. Consult your veterinarian.
  • Inform current phone company the date of your move and make arrangements for new phone.
  • Ensure your vehicle is checked and serviced if you have a long journey
  • Cancel any direct deposit or AP on bank accounts you are closing.
  • Cancel delivery services.

  • 1 week to go

  • Organise final accounts for gas, water and electricity
  • Transfer all medical prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new location
  • If you require a babysitter whilst packing or moving - make these arrangements.
  • Return any library books and videotapes.
  • Confirm booking with the mover.

  • 2 - 3 Days to go

  • Collect any items outstanding (e.g: drycleaning, etc).
  • Return any items borrowed from neighbours or friends etc.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Drain fuel from mowers and other machinery.
  • Arrange to have money to pay for any moving costs, etc. delivery driver.
  • Set aside any valuables and legal papers to go with you, do not pack these in boxes.
  • Pack clothing and toiletries to go with you - take extra clothes just in case.

  • Moving Day

  • If using Taupo Furniture Removals please let us know how you can be contacted.
  • Check your old house to make sure you have turned off water and that no leave-behind appliances are running.
  • Inspect each room, and empty any rubbish bins.
  • Lock up all doors and windows after making final check to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Take the family to a restaurant to celebrate another wise move.

  • The TFR Crew

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